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- About -



My name is Chris and I've been engaged in ritual and ceremonial work for over 20 years. I am a father, husband, writer, musician, artist, and a Celebrant of the Sacred.

I am passionate about working with you in co-creating and holding a ceremonial space where you bring your beliefs, your sacredness, your divine, sovereign selves together in the celebration of your Love.


Your wedding ceremony is the outward expression of the Love that has existed between the two of you for quite some time. It's a magical and amazing ceremony that allows you to share the truth of your Love authentically with friends and family. It is also a growing truth that in today's world more and more couples no longer feel that a single religious order adequately represents how they wish to express their Love and they now seek to share their union through a more personalized ceremony; which may or may not include Deity. And this is where I'm able to help.


As an Ordained Minister and Celebrant of the Sacred, it would be my honor to work with you in co-creating a space of reverence, deep meaning and magical memories, wherein you're able to bring your own unique style, your beliefs and your expression of Love to your ceremony. Your wedding should be a space where the gathered crowd falls into silent witness as you both breathe into the Heart of the One.

I am both humbled and honored that you have considered Advaya Ceremonies to be a co-architect for your amazing day!


Here is a brief list of ceremonies I am comfortable performing:

  • Spiritual Unions

  • Christian Weddings

  • Celtic & Druidic Hand Fastings

  • Inter-Denominational Weddings

  • Non-Denominational Weddings

  • Vow Renewal

Don't see what you're looking for? Go ahead and reach out and let's see if we can create something special!

 - What Is Advaya ? -

Advaya is the essential nature of things and is

often found as a synonym for Essence.

Advaya originates from Source where

TWO coexist harmoniously within the ONE.


It is from Advaya that your Love for one another

expresses itself free from worldly conditions.