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Celebrant Of The Sacred™

What is a Celebrant and how do they contribute to my wedding ceremony?


A Celebrant officiates at a spiritual, religious or non-religious based ceremony or rite. As a Celebrant of the Sacred, I am not affiliated with any specific religion. This allows me the freedom to work entirely for you, and with you, to co-create a ceremony which reflects you and your personal beliefs. Wedding ceremonies exist so people can celebrate and share their Love within their community. I strongly believe that the process of creating your ceremony should be as uplifting and enjoyable as the event itself.

Why use a Celebrant?


A good Celebrant brings with them an open-mind and a sense of creative freedom, which allows you to create a ceremony that you feel symbolizes and expresses your Love. It's that simple. With a Celebrant you are given  freedom from traditional rules (if you wish), specific locations or set times of day. A Celebrant allows for a much more personal and fun experience.  

I have some fairly unusual ideas for my wedding. Can you Help?


That's why I'm here! If you would like to take inspiration from a movie, a song, a particular religious rite of passage and add them into your ceremony, whether it be Christian, Pagan, Hindu, Humanist, Atheist etc... we can do that. If you would prefer a completely non-religious ceremony, focused on the people you care about and what they mean to you - then we can do that. If you want something truly traditional, or simple and understated, then we can do that. Your wedding can be anything you want it to be, but most importantly it should be just that, Yours! So bring your ideas and let's see what kind of fun, meaningful and memorable event we can create! Pretty exciting stuff isn't it?

How far are you willing to travel to officiate a wedding?


Want your ceremony on a beach? Maybe the edge of a volcano? How about Rome or your own beautiful home? I am willing and open to traveling anywhere you feel your wedding needs to take place. However, please keep in mind that this would involve a reasonably additional cost for travel and accommodation.

I still have more questions!


Then don't be shy and get in touch! I'm here to help you create the wedding ceremony of your dreams, or help you find the right resources to make that happen. So reach out and let's start a conversation! I look forward to hearing from you soon!