Celebrant Of The Sacred™

- Words of Love -



Pass gracefully through this one celebration which embraces all & seek humbly, without words, for that place from whence you’ve come Ω Remember this moment comes but once a lifetime in which you have always been; for you are a being perpetually born of God. Therefore, harbor no fear of death, for if you did not exist here, you would be experiencing a different meaning elsewhere.  Ω Use each breath to cultivate reverence within & come to recognize your place as that of a steward, no more; for to believe that we own any part of this creation is to fall foul of the illusion of possession.  Ω   Never be afraid to let go of what you think you know, as knowledge is only a means to an end which is unable to comprehend the Beauty to be found in Love.  Ω   Learn first to forgive yourself, softly. Allow then for this forgiveness to radiate outwards & embrace the world around you. Come to be known for your gracefulness & kindness, for speaking your peace clearly & hold gently the thought that we all nurture Love in our hearts, regardless of the translation it may be given. Therefore, seek to understand that true happiness is not found in if the world Loves you, but how you in turn, Love the world.  Ω  Along this journey of becoming you shall experience many truths. Allow Time to reflect upon these truths and watch how they shift as sand upon the wind, for there are but a few things of permanence in this evanescent creation. So fear not if what you once thought, no longer seems to be, for in that moment of unknowing will there be revealed to you a glimpse of the Truth as it is expressed by the Universe.  Ω  Learn well the art of dissolving temptation; for once seeded, it reinforces itself with the subtlest of methods & is the cause for a slow, spiritual death.  Ω  And so, as we forgive one another for this misinterpreted dream, we must remember that what peace there may be found in solitude, it is unwise to travel alone, as we all feel the need to express Love. And though the impressions of the world may be on occasion dark and tainted with despair, we must not forget to let go of one thing, a Smile. For Beauty, Faith, Hope & Love exist in abundance for those who have softened their hearts to the hardships of the world & for those who seek to bring forth the Love in others.  Ω


     Christopher M. Phillips,       2017