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Hannah & Robert, MO

The Montgomery - Excelsior Springs - Sept. 2019


"Chris was an amazing Officiant and very easy to work with. His communication class was very informative and helped us both understand each other a lot more than we expected. He was very non-judgemental and very open-minded. During the rehearsal and ceremony he made everything run very smooth and tailored the ceremony to just what we wanted. He made it feel like it was just us two in that moment and it was beautiful. We couldn't thank him enough for making our ceremony an event we will never forget.


Thank you again Chris for everything - 5 Stars for sure!"

Kevin & Marina, KS

Powell Botanical Gardens - July, 2019


"Very professional, detailed, and fun!

Chris was unbelievably helpful in tailoring our wedding exactly as we wanted. He was also very flexible in meeting us to discuss the ceremony, what all it entailed, and offered us his own thoughtful advice. It became the wedding that we envisioned and was the best day for us. Everything from our rehearsal practice and through the wedding day he was very detailed and up front on everything that was to happen. He sent us all the details and the words to be spoken well in advance for us to read through so we could customize the ceremony to exactly how we wanted it."

Carrie & Rob, MO

Unity Chapel - Unity Village - June 2019


"Reverend Phillips was a wonderful choice as the officiant of our wedding! He took the time to meet with us personally and go over each aspect of the ceremony. When we requested that we write our own vows, Reverend Phillips provided good guidance and advice so that our words would beautifully reflect our intentions . He walked us through everything with compassion and knowledge while also providing a personal touch to make everything perfect and complete.


The best things about Reverend Phillips are his open-minded kindness, professionalism, and friendly approachability. He was just a joy to work with and made us feel so comfortable and at ease about how this important event would proceed. We would highly recommend Reverend Phillips to anyone!"