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- Words of Love -



Our Soul's Embrace



The Sun was jealous,

For the Moon on this night had chosen to bathe in our radiance.

The Stars, allured by our passion,

    slowed the very passage of the night sky,

        so that they might witness the Love we conjured between our lips.


Our bodies, desperate to dissolve,

    so that we might become lost in the other,

  resigned to an embrace that brought our Angels

     to their knees in praise.


Our Soul, finding itself as close as ever,

    called softly from the inside,

        wishing to witness itself through the eyes of the other.


In moments such as this our hearts beat as silently as  clouds

passing in the moonlit sky;

    soft, illuminated, graceful;without the need to disguise.


In moments such as this I find no other meaning to Me, but You.

Christopher M. Phillips,       2017